A Present for Her That Glorifies Her Beauty

A Gift That Touches the Soul

With time, no matter how expensive a dress or a footwear is, it gets old and obsolete. Similar is the case with jewelry in trend in present times. May be, a fine jewelry wins your heart but everybody knows that once the fashion of that particular piece becomes past, it too becomes a thing of past. But the good news is that Custom Designed fine Jewelry is free from these limitations. We are not saying that it pauses the time, no, it just does not leave its charm and elegance down the lane. It is so because the design, fabric and shades selected for that custom jewelry piece is still remains the same because it was never in trend so no point of getting down once the trend is gone by. The uniqueness of that piece remains eternal.

Fine Jewellery Collection for Women

So, what can be more suitable than gifting Custom Designed fine Jewelry to your loved ones? No fear of changing trends nothing. And if you think it will be difficult to get into this affair of custom designed jewelry, then you are wrong. It’s not at all difficult. You can get it made by custom designers in your city or simply search for one online.

Once you have selected a jeweler, just tell him your likings and disliking’s and draw a rough sketch of the design you want for a ring, earring, necklace, bracelet or whatever. Generally, these designers keep you up to date about your piece but if they don’t, make it a point to pay a visit a couple of times to ensure that the design is coming out the way you want it to be. Moreover, if you have doubts about the fabric then too, relax, they do show you the fabric to be used in the custom jewelry. Most of the times, the designer takes two weeks or so in preparing it but sometimes it depends on the particular designer too. If you make modifications during the process then it may take more time depending on the extent of changes mad. Finally, there is absolutely no need to be worried about the price because they won’t charge you more than it costs. The entire cost depends on the fabric used and design and layout.

So, what are you thinking about, just visit your custom jeweler and tell him your designs. Grace the occasion for your loved one with the unique jewelry present which has been designed under close, personal supervision. Make her feel special with the warmth of your exclusive present.


Don’t be amazed, Amaze others with Custom Jewelry

It is no more a Far Cry, Is it?

Custom Designed fine Jewelry is no more a far cry. One can easily go for the jewelry of his or her choice that to with in the budget. There are flawless jewelers who listen to your design ideas and even the crazy ones too. They also give their suggestions to produce a very exceptional and memorable custom piece of jewelry. Just give wings to your jewelry dreams and you are on the go in the field of fashion and style. Inspire others with your individuality.


If you want an exclusive Custom Designed fine Jewelry but you are worried that you are not a creative person but want a personal touch in the design, don worry. If any single layout or design has moved you or you are mesmerized by the beauty of architecture, nature or love for a loved one, then just drop a hit and the experienced custom designers will draw from this inspiration. So, there is no need to follow the jewelry patterns which other wear, imagine your own and get it designed and carved. One of its own kind!

Are you haunt by the fabric or material used in Custom Designed fine Jewelry? Relax, all the work related to beadwork, engraving and filigree in the piece is skillfully crafted. The material is used under your supervision and so, there remains no room for cheap material. The professionals check them over and over to ensure the quality of the product and satisfaction of the customers. No jewelry brand or firm would like to ruin its reputation or name with any kind of forgery. It is their tension, not yours.

So, weather you go for a custom engagement ring or a beautiful custom necklace, it is a beginning of a tale that has its uniqueness for you or the one who will be wearing it. So, every bit of Custom Designed fine Jewelry has a reason to magnetize people towards its charm.


Finally, most of the custom designs are get ready within 25 to 35 business days or sometimes, it varies from designer to designer. However, every given timeframe can be expanded as per the small modifications done during the process. By the way, who cares to wait for little longer when he knows that his or her ideal custom jewelry piece is being prepared with utmost care and delicacy!

Jewelry cleaning does not require too much effort- follow simple cleaning steps and keep jewelry shining for years-

NOBLAG Gold-Tone  MEN'S STAINLESS STEEL MAGNET BRACELETSBuying new jewelry is a dream for everyone. Sometimes getting a piece of jewelry as a gift is too overwhelming. The jewelry truly express the love and devotion to the person you loved the most. On the other hand, you can even customize the jewelry for exactly what you want to express your loved ones. This is done by the availability of custom designed fine jewelry collection.

So, jewelry is something which is a tremendous gifting option. But there are many people who take the items very leniently and leave them here and there. For such reasons, the sparkle in the jewelry fades away. Hence, one must know exactly the ways to keep the jewelry pieces cleaned and safe to have the shine intact-

  • How to store the jewelry– In order to save the jewelry items from getting broken, it is very important to store them in safe places. This will help you in keeping jewelry safe and without any fear of losing the precious items. The place must be a cool and dry place. It is important to see that items are placed separately without causing them entangle to one another. Even the diamonds can sometimes chip, so to save those storing boxes must be different and hardbound so that no damage is caused in case of moving the jewelry from one place to another.
  • Go with a travel case- Storing jewelry at home seems safe but when you are traveling from one place to another, the items must be kept safely in travel case. You should not dump your jewelry otherwise in your suitcase. This can bring scratches and some chip on the items. There are many pouches and travel jewelry boxes or cases available where the items can be stored separately on different shelves. A case is to be studier from outside and very soft and cushioned form inside. This will help in having a high level of jewelry protection.
  • How to clean the jewelry- It is seen that jewelry is unique as they are made up of different metals and stones. Therefore, the cleaning methods also differ from each other. But most the jewelry can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soapy mixture for getting the dirt, stains removed. It helps in bringing back the shine back to the items. On the other hand, a very soft cleaning approach must be used as jewelry items are very delicate and needs proper cleaning methods to be followed. Use a very soft toothbrush for cleaning the stones.18K Yellow gold cultured akoya bangle bracelet
  • Know some of the preventive measures- There are many other points where the jewelry may be exposed to damage and wear and tear. You should keep the following measures in mind like-
  • Avoid direct contact of jewelry with chlorine, so don’t jump into the pool for swimming with the jewelry on.
  • Avoid perfumes, hair sprays and other domestic cleaning products on the jewelry as it may cause damage to the metal.
  • Don’t leave jewelry exposed to the sun for long hours, it will take the luster and shine away.

The custom designed fine jewelry items must also be used with due care as discussed above. Keep your message memories and love and affection intact for life long.

Consider jewelry tips for enhancing the personal beauty

Summers are here. Shopping is fun, especially jewelry lovers who are looking for branded quality jewelry sets. Many of the jewelry stores are offering 30% discounts on online jewelry shopping. The women’s beauty is enhanced by the jewelry worn by her. Hence, it is very important to use the jewelry in the right manner. In order to compliments ones beauty, the jewelry must be worn as per occasion and need. There are many custom designed fine jewelry options through which the right complimenting sets and pieces of designs can be arranged for the right purpose.


Tips to enhance beauty through jewelry– The immemorial time can be made memorable by wearing the right jewelry following certain handy tips like-

Class demarcation of the wearer– The culture, heritage and the customs across every religion and country varies from each other. So, the attire and appearance also changes when we move from one country to another. Thus, it becomes very important for the wearer of the jewelry to wear the jewelry sets or accessories as per the customs and religion and that goes well with the attire.

Alignment with emotions– The concept of wearing jewelry sets is not new. It has been followed from the past when the traditional jewelry was given more importance. Being the most internal form of expression, jewelry must have the direct alignment with the emotions.

Decide according to budget– The jewelry is chosen by a person to have a good feeling after wearing it. Hence, one must not only flaunt styles and wear expensive jewelry. The budget is very important element in deciding the type of jewelry. To overcome such problems, a number of designers are coming up with imitated jewelry sets that look the real replica of the original. They are made up of metal coated with silver giving them great finishing. According to budget jewelry made of gold, silver, metal, shells, etc can be purchased.

Know the ultimate point of wearing– The right timing to wearing of jewelry is a must. Wearing long danglers and thick bead necklace while going on for shopping will look a disaster. Follow the ultimate point and place of wearing the jewelry.

Follow special trendy fashion accessories– The fashion keeps on changing from time-to-time. Following the latest trends like the beautiful shell beaded earrings, sterling silver rings, etc are all trendy jewelry pieces being used by everyone.

Jewelry is basically the artistic expressions of the designers proving their ability to design the unique and perfect designs. On demand such designers also create custom designed fine jewelry sets and earrings, rings, pendants, etc. It is the season of jewelry where many online jewelry stores are also providing site-wide discounts of up to 30% on the purchase. Getting the advantage and finding the perfect design for the day is call for the hour. Consider buying jewelry and storing them as the right gifting option to the loved ones. Happy jewelry shopping!!