Casual or dressed-up, wear sterling silver and also learn the cleaning touch ups on the go

From necklaces to earrings, sterling silver especially the 925 sterling silver is nowadays the perfect metal used for making jewelry designs. The costume jewelry that one buys or the huge investments made for making a jewelry collection, all the items are mostly designed with sterling silver. Sometimes it is really hard to find out the exact difference between the sterling silver and actual silver jewelry due to its make and shine. Both look same with every aspect and feature. One can buy hottest sterling silver jewelry from any of the jewelry store.

What is sterling silver?

The jewelry items that are designed with 92.5% silver purity and 7.5% of other metals like that of copper, etc to give them strength and durability are called sterling silver designs. These are not just simple silver coated jewelry which fades away through the passage of time and usage but an alloy coated with pure silver.

The gold which is the precious among-st all metals is playing a catch up game with the sterling silver jewelry designs as it is now being considered as an alternative to gold. The designs look really classy when worn on different occasions. If proper care of the sterling silver jewelry items are taken, they simply look new and fresh for years.

How to take its care?

It is the property of silver that it tarnishes very quickly when exposed to certain things. Avoiding wearing sterling silver items during taking bath, saunas or hot tubs as the high chlorine amount present in the pools can take away all its shine and tarnishes the quality of jewelry.

One can easily keep the items lustrous by taking slight care which includes-

  • A nub free cleaning done with a soft cotton or flannel cloth gently rubs away all the excess dirt from the jewelry. Using this process must be done very gently and not briskly in order to avoid making any scratches on the item as silver jewelry are really soft and delicate. One can also make use of baby soft toothbrush or a horse hair silver special brush for cleaning the silver jewelry.
  • Another simple and an effective way of cleaning silver are with the help of aluminium foil and baking soda. This process is also very simple where the foil is placed in a pan on which warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda is added. Soaking the silver jewelry in the prepared water for few minutes transforms its look and gets all its shine back.
  • The final way to keep the sterling silver designs intact is to wear them frequently on every different occasion and keep them safely in some pouch before placing them straight into the jewelry boxes.

Keep the jewelry safe to make its look stay the same. Apart from only certain items, one can buy hottest sterling silver jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, and also other household made items like silver coated cups, mirrors, and perfume holders for home decor needs. People these days adore the designs of silver with great quality and designs.