Jewelry cleaning does not require too much effort- follow simple cleaning steps and keep jewelry shining for years-

NOBLAG Gold-Tone  MEN'S STAINLESS STEEL MAGNET BRACELETSBuying new jewelry is a dream for everyone. Sometimes getting a piece of jewelry as a gift is too overwhelming. The jewelry truly express the love and devotion to the person you loved the most. On the other hand, you can even customize the jewelry for exactly what you want to express your loved ones. This is done by the availability of custom designed fine jewelry collection.

So, jewelry is something which is a tremendous gifting option. But there are many people who take the items very leniently and leave them here and there. For such reasons, the sparkle in the jewelry fades away. Hence, one must know exactly the ways to keep the jewelry pieces cleaned and safe to have the shine intact-

  • How to store the jewelry– In order to save the jewelry items from getting broken, it is very important to store them in safe places. This will help you in keeping jewelry safe and without any fear of losing the precious items. The place must be a cool and dry place. It is important to see that items are placed separately without causing them entangle to one another. Even the diamonds can sometimes chip, so to save those storing boxes must be different and hardbound so that no damage is caused in case of moving the jewelry from one place to another.
  • Go with a travel case- Storing jewelry at home seems safe but when you are traveling from one place to another, the items must be kept safely in travel case. You should not dump your jewelry otherwise in your suitcase. This can bring scratches and some chip on the items. There are many pouches and travel jewelry boxes or cases available where the items can be stored separately on different shelves. A case is to be studier from outside and very soft and cushioned form inside. This will help in having a high level of jewelry protection.
  • How to clean the jewelry- It is seen that jewelry is unique as they are made up of different metals and stones. Therefore, the cleaning methods also differ from each other. But most the jewelry can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soapy mixture for getting the dirt, stains removed. It helps in bringing back the shine back to the items. On the other hand, a very soft cleaning approach must be used as jewelry items are very delicate and needs proper cleaning methods to be followed. Use a very soft toothbrush for cleaning the stones.18K Yellow gold cultured akoya bangle bracelet
  • Know some of the preventive measures- There are many other points where the jewelry may be exposed to damage and wear and tear. You should keep the following measures in mind like-
  • Avoid direct contact of jewelry with chlorine, so don’t jump into the pool for swimming with the jewelry on.
  • Avoid perfumes, hair sprays and other domestic cleaning products on the jewelry as it may cause damage to the metal.
  • Don’t leave jewelry exposed to the sun for long hours, it will take the luster and shine away.

The custom designed fine jewelry items must also be used with due care as discussed above. Keep your message memories and love and affection intact for life long.


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